Billing, Collections & the Revenue Cycle


Building a Solid Foundation

Centrix Health knows how hard you work to provide the best patient care possible; however, securing your revenue for your hard work must come first. The tedious task of getting paid for these services by insurance companies and patients can be overwhelming. Managing your finance, keeping up with the ever changing payer rules, and continuously improving upon processes, are a must to keep your bank account healthy. Most practices cannot support, nor afford, the tools or staff which embodies the knowledge needed to keep up with these daunting tasks.

centrix2_billing_offenseThe Best Defense is a Good Offense.

Billing accuracy is a must in getting your dollars in the door quickly. At Centrix Health we utilize the most effective tools to assure your claims are correct before submittal. Preauthorizing patient demographics, insurance benefits, and proper coding is performed to minimize your risk of getting denials and increase the turn around of the revenue cycle. Integrated clearinghouse services enable us to scrub claims prior to submittal to insurance companies. Through these efforts we experience a 93% average paid first submittal rate for our clients. This well exceeds practice and billing industry standards!

centrix2_billing_collectionsCollections, Collections, Collections!

This is where our services shine the most. Our collections workflow offers the most dynamic solutions to secure your revenues accurately and in a timely manner. Within 24 hours of receipt an EOB, your denials and under payments are worked to assure quick turnaround in what is generally lost revenue to your practice. When in conjunction with an electronic health record software company, Centrix Health’s virtual access to crucial chart data allows us to work those harder claims faster, verses them sitting and waiting for efforts generally put back on your staff. That’s right, no more pulling charts, copying information or lost communications. This old methodology used by other billing companies actually costs you and your staff time and revenue. Having direct access to such things as referrals, treatment notes, insurance cards, and other crucial data lets us do the job more accurately and faster.