Additional Services

  • Credentialing and Contract negotiations
  • Healthcare specific IT Services
  • Web, mail, and email marketing
  • Transcription technology and services

Revenue Cycle Management

  • 9.2% average increase in revenue
  • 20% average faster reimbursements
  • Improved business analytics
  • True Denial Management

Electronic Health Record

  • Improve efficiency and reduce overhead
  • Minimize paper and organize work flow
  • Enhance coding to optimize revenue
  • Achieve compliance through "Meaningful Use"
  • Physician practices leave 20% of the charges uncollected.
  • 80% of denials are data entry and demographics errors.
  • The average practice spends 14% of their gross revenue to bill and collect on their charges.
  • The average denial costs $23 to manage.
  • Only 21% of practices have a dedicated website.
  • Only 30% of practices have adopted EHR. Of those only 60% are implemented successfully and utilized.
  • Commercial insurance carriers average 6% in underpayments of your contractual fees.